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Register on the Louyet Rent platform, choose the BMW or MINI vehicle that meets your needs from our extensive selection, select the start and end dates of your rental, as well as the pickup and drop-off locations for the vehicle, confirm your reservation with a few clicks, and once your reservation is confirmed, you're ready to hit the road. Louyet Rent offers you the freedom of vehicle rental with ease.

01 Process:

Our reservation process is entirely digital, allowing you to reserve your vehicle in a simple and convenient manner. Here's how it works:

  1. Use our website to make your reservation. Once you've chosen your desired vehicle and rental dates, you can proceed to the next step.

  2. After selecting your vehicle and rental details, you'll proceed to make the payment for the rental and the deposit directly online. Louyet Rent will contact you for the following information:  

    • Billing details.
    • A copy of the driver's license of the driver.
    • Contact details of the main driver.
    • A copy of the driver's ID card.
  3. Your reservation will be confirmed.

02 Rates

Here's a summary of the rates and fees associated with vehicle rental at Louyet Rent:

Deductible in case of damage 2.25% of the vehicle's catalog price excluding VAT

Non-compliance with maintenance deadlines €1800

Administrative fees for damages €25

Deductible in case of glass breakage €200

Loss of onboard documents €150 per document

Loss of charging cable €425

Deposit, rate, rental Please refer to the booking page for details

Loss of keys €300

Vehicle delivery to another location (upon request) €60.5

Administrative fees for processing (reminder) of fines €15

Odor treatment €120

Supplement for drivers under 23 years old €15 per day

Additional driver (2 included) €60.5

Interior cleaning €60

Exterior cleaning €60

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

maestro master card bancontact visa ideal

03 Vehicle Return:

It is entirely possible to pick up your vehicle at any of our Louyet Group showrooms. Upon arrival, a Product Genius, well-informed about our products, will greet you to hand over the keys and provide explanations about the vehicle you have reserved. During this step, we conduct an inspection of the vehicle together to note its condition and sign the provision document. It's important to note that the entire rental process at Louyet Rent is digital.

Once the vehicle provision document is signed on a tablet, you'll receive a copy of the contract summarizing the rates, deductibles, billing details, and the vehicle's inspection document. At the time of vehicle return, you'll again conduct an inspection of the vehicle with one of our Product Geniuses.

Any potential damage, mileage covered, and fuel level will be recorded, and the return check will be signed on the tablet. Subsequently, you'll receive a summary via email, along with the final invoice. Our rental process is designed to be transparent, digital, and convenient at every step.

04 Vehicle Maintenance:

Louyet Group takes measures to ensure that each vehicle remains in excellent condition throughout its use. To easily and efficiently schedule an appointment, make an appointment via the 24/7 Service application or online using these links:


Regarding the tires of your rental vehicle at Louyet Rent, here are some important details:

05 Deductibles & Insurances

The deductibles for our vehicles are calculated at 2.25% of the catalog price excluding VAT. If the repair costs turn out to be lower than the deductible amount, these costs will be charged instead of the deductible. Additionally, a €200 deductible applies in case of a broken windshield, and fixed costs are provided for missing parts (such as charging cables, safety elements, vehicle documents, etc.), which are specified in the rental contract.

06 In case of an accident

In the event of an incident involving the rented vehicle, such as an accident, theft, or broken windshield, please send us a comprehensive declaration by email within 24 hours to the following address: with

  • Photos of the incident showing the vehicle damage.
  • A detailed explanation of the events, including the location, date, and circumstances.
  • A correctly filled out accident report.

Upon receipt of your declaration, our teams will contact you to discuss the next steps. If you are responsible for the accident, the deductible stated in your rental contract will be charged, or the repair costs if they are lower than the deductible. Please note that a damage file incurs administrative processing fees amounting to €25. It's essential to promptly communicate with our team in the event of an incident to ensure efficient handling and compliance with the terms of your rental contract.

RENT A car.

Choose the BMW or MINI vehicle you need, select your dates, as well as the pickup and drop-off locations for the vehicle, confirm the reservation, and drive with peace of mind.


The Louyet Rent team is available to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us for any rental inquiries.