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We are committed to simplifying your travels with a diverse fleet of vehicles, dedicated customer service, and flexible solutions. Discover how we can enhance your mobility starting from today.

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Among our mobility solutions, Louyet Rent represents the ideal alternative for anyone seeking flexibility and peace of mind. For periods ranging from a few days to several months, or even years, Louyet Rent offers an extensive range of BMW and MINI vehicles, all-inclusive services (taxes, insurance, maintenance, winter tires).

Louyet Rent - Home


Louyet Rent fulfills your needs with a wide range of BMW and MINI vehicles to meet various requirements. Whether it's an economically advantageous hybrid vehicle, a 100% electric car already available for rent, a city car for easy urban driving, a spacious diesel vehicle for travels, or a premium sedan for weddings, you will always find the right vehicle. If you don't find the vehicle you're looking for among those available online, we strongly encourage you to contact us. We are willing to assist you in finding the mobility solution that suits you.

The advantage of Louyet Rent

Louyet Rent provides a comprehensive, transparent, and tailored vehicle rental experience for customers, with special attention to safety and customer satisfaction.
A wide range of BMW and MINI vehicles is offered to cater to various needs, whether for city driving, family vacations, special events, or even electric vehicles.

All-Inclusive Solutions

Louyet Rent offers all-inclusive rental packages that include maintenance, winter kits, insurance, and taxes.

Simple and Digital Rental Process

Louyet Rent's rental process is entirely digital, from online reservation to vehicle return, making it quick and convenient.

Wide Range of Vehicles

The rental contract includes tire replacement for normal wear, ensuring safe driving.

Included Tire Replacement

The rental contract includes the replacement of tires in the event of normal wear, thus providing safe driving.

Flexibility services

Customize your rental by adding options such as picking up the vehicle at another location, or opting for an additional driver or roof box.

Simplified Claims Management

In case of an incident, Louyet Rent facilitates the handling of the claim after receiving a complete declaration via email within 24 hours, thanks to personalized and fast follow-up.

Maintenance Deadlines Compliance

Louyet Rent requires compliance with maintenance intervals to ensure vehicle safety and good condition. Failure to comply with these deadlines may result in fees.

Fine Management

Louyet Rent forwards parking fines and contests police fines for the designated main driver, simplifying the process for clients.

Fee Transparency

The costs associated with the rental, such as deductibles, administrative fees for claims processing or fines handling, and other additional fees, are clearly communicated upfront to avoid surprises.

In summary, Louyet Rent offers a comprehensive, transparent, and tailored vehicle rental experience for customers, with special attention to safety and customer satisfaction.


The Louyet Rent team is available to answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us for any rental inquiries.